by Anna Williams

Last week I went to see Hamilton. Not only was it my first time being back in a theatre since the pandemic began, but it was also my first time seeing a touring Broadway show. All of my previous experiences seeing shows has been either community theatre or college. …

By Chloe Smith

Today, September 15, 2021, marks 58 years since white supremacists bombed Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. Four KKK members, opposing school integration in the city of Birmingham, bombed the church because they saw it as a stronghold of Civil Rights Movement organization and activism. Four little girls died…

By Chloe Smith

During the Civil Rights Movement, music was a powerful means of protest. Activists sang as they marched, and Black religious music was commonplace at mass meetings, where congregations organized their next movements and emboldened their spirits. In a description of a mass meeting at Holt Street Baptist Church in Montgomery…

Apt. 6/8

Apt. 6/8 is the work of Chloe Smith and Anna Williams, who are current graduate students studying musicology at Yale and Arizona State respectively.

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