Flashback Friday Album Review: Djesse Vol. 2

By Chloe Smith

Apt. 6/8
4 min readJul 23, 2021


Djesse Vol. 2 by Jacob Collier, Hajanga Records (2019)

Today’s album review is the first in our Flashback Friday series, where we pull out an older album to review instead of a new release. This past Monday, July 19, 2021, marked the two year anniversary of the release of Jacob Collier’s Djesse Volume 2. It’s one of my personal favorite records, and even now two years later, I find myself listening to it often.

Jacob Collier and the Djesse Project

Jacob Collier is a 26-year-old, self-taught, London-born composer and multi-instrumentalist who got his start on Youtube with viral split-screen harmonies.

Collier has released four studio albums, the first of which In My Room was released in 2016, and he has won five GRAMMY awards. His other three albums are Djesse Vol. 1, Djesse Vol. 2, and Djesse Vol. 3, which are the first three parts of a four-part musical project.

Collier said of Djesse:

“It is an explosion of my imagination — an enormous four-volume project I’ve spent the whole of the last year creating — a total of about 50 songs, traversing every musical world and genre under the sun, and featuring a stellar global cast of all my favourite musicians. I’ve spent a year creating in such a ravaging, boundless way, and I am thrilled beyond measure to share the whole journey with you in an ever-unfolding way.”

Each volume captures a unique musical world, and the fourth part will be released sometime in 2022. Of the three installments available so far, Djesse Vol. 2 is my personal favorite with its acoustic production; joyful, light-hearted tracks; and fascinating-yet-approachable rhythmic grooves.

When writing about Jacob Collier, many reviewers place him in a category of “genius” or “prodigy.” Loz Blain with the New Atlas writes that Collier is a “Millennial Mozart” with “boundless creative genius,” and Anais Killian writes for the Register Forum about “the Genius of Jacob Collier” and calls him a prodigy and a…



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